Road Map / Milestone

From the moment we launch this project, we are focusing solely on how to achieve quick and continuous expansion of the AKIVERSE ecosystem, how to continue increasing the use and ownership value of each token involved, and how to keep all users engaged.
Dec 2021
  • Seed sale for AKV tokens
Jan 2022
  • Start of Game Center(NFT Token) sale
July 2022
  • Private sale for AKV tokens
Aug 2022
  • Opening of closed alpha version for Game Center NFT holders
Oct 2022
  • Public sale of AKV tokens
  • AKV token staking and farming
  • AKIR token staking and farming for AKV token holders
Nov 2022
  • Opening of Beta version
Q1 of 2023
  • Official launch of AKIVERSE
Until End of 2025
  • Sell collectible NFTs, collaborative/exclusive Game Center NFTs, Arcade Machine NFTs
  • Open SDK and API to 3rd party developers
  • Opening own marketplace to the public
  • Provide Simple DeFi service
  • Provide structured finance services
  • E-Commerce platform deployment
  • Digital contents service platform deployment
*The above is the current plan, and the timing and content may change due to changes in the external environment. In such cases, we will promptly update the white paper and inform the community.
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