Whitepaper Ver. 1.0.0 17 May 2023
We are building a completely new metaverse platform, AKIVERSE, a society where all people may play, create, and live.
It is a virtual space containing simulacra of many famous cities around the world. Each city will be a place where people can connect with each other, virtually and in real life, through local events and a variety of content.
AKIVERSE believes all users are "creators."
Everyone is a creator: those who play games and view creative content that exists in AKIVERSE, those who produce that content, those who transform creative content into digital assets via the craft system, asset owners, and virtual landowners who provide a space for play.
We define creators not in the narrow sense of the word, but as "those who enrich the world via positive acts of creative expression, and those who help reveal the new values of humanity by sharing their tastes, desires, wishes and dreams.”
All activities in AKIVERSE are conducted through the AKIVERSE Reward (AKIR) utility token, the AKIVERSE Governance (AKV) governance token, and NFTs for content and space. Through these activities, we will enrich the daily lives of all participants.
For example, if gaming is your forté, you may win both fame and tokens by playing for free at your favorite game center, which may be accessed at any time or place via your smartphone.
Even if you are not good at games, you can run a game center. The more players you host, the more revenue you will generate.
You can also participate in AKIVERSE by buying and selling the parts needed to craft arcade machines to be installed in game centers.
The games themselves will be developed by collaboration of both leading and as-yet-undiscovered game developers and creators with outstanding talent, ideas, curiosity and passion, using our “Oden Can” SDK(Software Development Kit) and API, and published on AKIVERSE. Players will surely encounter quality games and content that excites their passion.
In our favorite cities, through our favorite content, with democratized access to enlightening experiences of self-actualization and material improvement, let’s take one step towards utopia in AKIVERSE.
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