Whitepaper Beta Ver. 1.6.0 3 Sep 2022
We are taking arcade centers into the virtual world by launching a GameFi platform. Through the utility token "AKIVERSE Reward (AKIR)" and the governance token "AKIVERSE Governance (AKV)", we aim to enrich the daily lives of all users.
You can find your favorite game and play it for free anytime, anywhere with just a smartphone. Not only do you get recognition, but you also earn tokens.
Even if you are not a game enthusiast, you can still run a game center as an owner. The more players play, the more revenue you can earn.
You can also participate by buying and selling Arcade Machine Parts installed in Game Centers.
The actual games will be developed by leading game developers using the SDK and API we will provide to the public for creating high-quality games that players will feel passionate about playing.
We are building a world where you don’t just play to earn—you play and earn..
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