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AKIVERSE is a platform that allows users to build, own, and monetize any entertainment experience, including games, on Polygon, layer 2 of Ethereum, via AKIR, a utility token, AKV, a governance token, and various NFTs described below It is.

AKIVERSE is a virtual space modeled after various real-world cities around the world, with game centers on each city map.

If you are good at games, you can find your favorite game center, find your favorite game and play it for free anytime, anywhere, just like in the real world with a single smart phone. They can find the game of their choice and play it for free anytime, anywhere. You can also earn AKVs for higher rankings.

Those who are not good at gaming, or who prefer simulation games, can own and operate a game center where players actually visit and play.

Game center owners can attract players by crafting and installing arcade machines with games in their game centers. The more players play, the more AKIRs are earned.

All can also earn revenue by selling Arcade Machines and Arcade Parts that make up Arcade Machines in the Marketplace.

Games to be incorporated into Arcade Machine can be developed and published by leading game developers and creators who have outstanding talent, ideas, curiosity and passion that have yet to be discovered, in collaboration with each other, using our SDK and API named "Oden Can" that we provide. We will be able to develop and publish using the SDK and API named "Oden Can" provided by us.

We do not want to be a "Play to Earn" company that plays games simply to make money because the game experience is boring or difficult, but rather, we want to be a "Creator" company that provides a game experience that is actually interesting and fun, that can be played enthusiastically forever by all creators on a constant basis and that is economically viable. Creators in AKIVERSE include those who play games and view creative content that exists in AKIVERSE, those who produce that content, those who transform creative content into digital assets via the craft system, asset owners, and virtual landowners who provide a space for play.

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