In-World Currency "Teras"

/Teras is an in-world currency that can be exchanged for AKIR, used to rent space for AMs in GC, or used for crafting.

It was designed and introduced to lower the barrier to entry for creators and to allow more people to enjoy AKIVERSE.

The name Teras is derived from the AKIVERSE worldview.

For all who live in the AKIVERSE world, the "light" that shines through the darkness is hope,

The name "Teras" is derived from "照らす/テラス (Teras)", which means "to illuminate the darkness", and "Teras" from 天照/アマテラス (Amaterasu), the most famous Japanese goddess of the sun.

The logo design reads "テラス (Teras)" in Japanese katakana.

It also has the words "TERAS ILLUMINATING THE AKIVERSE WORLD" around the coin, intertwined with the word "照らす/テラス (Teras)".

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