Business Plan

We will officially launch the AKIVERSE in 2Q 2023, which will be unlike any other NFT game, requiring no wallet or technical knowledge, and can be played easily by anyone, anywhere, anytime with a single smartphone. The goal is to reach 10 million MAU in three years, by December 2025.
You can see how realistic this is when you consider that our approach process is very close to hyper casual and mobile eSports, each of which the top players have well over 100 million MAU. The game is intended to be used as a mobile native app for players, just like other mobile games, and is designed to be friendly for non-English speaking players. By using icons and animation that are non-verbal, and by excluding information that are language-dependent, everyone will be able to enjoy playing without inconvenience.
On the other hand, for the investors, the system is designed to be used with a PC browser, allowing them to seamlessly perform a series of functions such as information gathering, comparison, investment execution, profit calculation, portfolio viewing, and selling.
The most important part of the AKIVERSE is the token ecosystem itself, which is designed to maximize the benefits for all users when the monthly amount of AKIR circulation and the number of users are maximized.
As we have stated repeatedly, we will solve the problems that current NFT games are facing while adopting good elements from casual games that have more than 300 million MAU worldwide, and attract a new user base into our world. We are very confident of achieving our goal of being the number one option for people that love playing games, people that are good at playing games, and provide financial benefit to them and help achieve self actualization to the people in our community. In order to achieve this goal, we will use the funds on advertising and marketing, maximizing and optimising the number of users and the ecosystem. We will also work on holding seasonal tournaments, implementing guild systems, and developing avatars for the metaverse and developing/improving many features and services. And as we mentioned above, we will be focusing on providing users with an immersive experience. To achieve this goal, we will provide new games by collaborating with prominent IPs while also investing in game developers in order to provide a large number of excellent game titles quickly to the users. We also have an idea of developing full-body VR devices to maximize immersive experience when expanding to the metaverse.
In order to maximize the liquidity of AKIR, we are listing on exchanges big or small and making strategic investments in them, and providing wallets and decentralized exchanges. We will maximize liquidity offline as we provide cheaply exclusively made tablets that specializes in personal information protection. The tablets have the main apps for AKIVERSE pre-installed in them so people will be more closely related to AKIVERSE in their lives. Those tablets will be able to be used in physical stores as external payment ways, so we will be working on making the alliance as well.
And in order to enclose not only are crypto investors assuming high APYs, but also a wide range of investors and maximize the benefits per stakeholder, we will develop and deploy our own financial products, such as creating a REIT fund specializing in NFT Fi, with a view to working with partners.
Finally, we would like to conclude with AKIVERSE's purpose of existence: "To build a completely new virtual nation where anyone can participate and achieve self-fulfillment regardless of their region, country, race, belief, status, family background, or education. To create a world where the achievements of the AKIVERSE are equally valued in the real world. Abundance will be brought to the people that are in the AKIVERSE world.” We will use part of the proceeds to implement the following measures for those who cannot access the AKIVERSE. - Provision of free smartphones and solar chargers to refugee communities - Providing scholarships through AKIR for minority gender and ethnic groups
When the vision that we described above are realized, AKIR, which is the vehicle for all activities of the AKIVERSE, will become a concept that can be used as a reserve currency for all GameFi and other metaverse-related services, similar to the US dollar in the real world. AKIR is truly the key that opens the door to any metaverse for literally the entire world.
When the AKIVERSE ecosystem reaches a phase where it can be determined that it is capable of providing constant value to all stakeholders, the operation itself may be transitioned to a DAO through AKV tokens.