Business Plan

We are releasing a part of AKIVERSE's features as a Closed Alpha version to those who already own AKIVERSE tokens and NFTs in 3Q2022, which can be played easily by anyone, anywhere, anytime with a single smartphone, without the need for a wallet or specialized knowledge. We have released a part of the features of AKIVERSE to those who already have AKIVERSE tokens and NFTs as a Closed Alpha version.

Using the feedback we receive from them, we carefully monitor trends and continue to develop the platform, updating its features and token economics over and over again.

Then, in 1Q2023, we released the Closed Beta version, which has significantly added functionality from the Closed Alpha version, and the Closed Beta version will be divided into three phases, as well as additional game titles, features, and service enhancements, while the Open Beta version will be released in 2Q2023, followed by the official release. The public version will be released to the public, followed by the official release.

We plan to list AKV tokens on the first crypto exchanges as early as possible in 2023, while carefully monitoring market conditions. After that, we plan to aggressively list on the major and much-needed CEX and DEX exchanges.

In addition, "Oden Can," a Software Development Kit (SDK) that strongly supports the creation, development and publication of User Generated Contents (hereinafter referred to as "UGC") on AKIVERSE for each creator, will be released to the public in 4Q2023.

In this way, AKIVERSE will steadily expand its scale from clear touchpoints with users, with games, especially casual games, as its main focus at the time of its launch, and will continue to increase touchpoints with other digital content for all creators and stakeholders, both online and offline, while simultaneously expanding its community and economic sphere in depth. We will continue to increase the number of touchpoints both online and offline for all creators and stakeholders, and at the same time, we will expand the community and economic sphere at once by cultivating it in depth.

For example, we plan to add a variety of entertainment content, such as live performances by VTubers and artists, communities, and a marketplace where people can actually purchase products and contents.

These games and other digital contents will be played on smartphones as much as possible, with care taken to ensure that the user experience is not compromised, and that non-English speaking users can enjoy them without difficulty using non-verbal communication, centered on icons and animation. We will eliminate language-dependent elements as much as possible.

This is the most important reason why AKIVERSE will start with games, especially casual games, as its core when it goes public.

The top casual games available for smartphones have well over 100 million MAUs. By using AKIVERSE's platform, that already sophisticated and simple appeal will evolve into an entirely new experience that is more powerful and simultaneously profitable for each creator and stakeholder.

On the other hand, for the investor segment, the system is designed for use with a PC browser and allows a seamless series of functions, including information gathering, comparison, investment execution, profit calculation, portfolio viewing, and selling.

The most important aspect of AKIVERSE is the Token Ecosystem itself, which is designed to maximize the monthly circulation of AKIR and the number of users, thereby maximizing the benefits to all users.

As I have repeatedly mentioned, by solving the problems of the current Web 3.0 services and actively incorporating the good elements of casual games, some of which have more than 300 million MAUs worldwide, we can actively attract a new user base and become the first choice for those who love and are good at games and those who create them, in terms of both economic benefits and self-actualization, during this major transition from the Web 2.0 era to the Web 3.0 era. We are convinced that even in this major transition period from the Web 2.0 era to the Web 3.0 era, we will be the first choice for people who like games, people who are good at games, and people who create games, in terms of both economic benefits and self-actualization. We are convinced that the service will grow to a large scale while continuing to be an attractive investment target for investors.

To this end, we will focus on expanding and improving its functions and services to maximize and optimize its user base and economics by strengthening advertising and marketing, while actively utilizing the funds raised.

In addition to the aforementioned games, digital contents such as all kinds of live performances and communities can be enjoyed, various items can be bought and sold in the marketplace, and it can also function as an educational institution for creators. As a comprehensive entertainment platform of Web 3.0, we aim to provide a service that can be used by many people around the world to gain the right to citizenship.

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