Arcade Machine (AM)

A game can only be played via an Arcade Machine in which it is embedded. This is the scholarship in AKIVERSE, and the Arcade Machine owner is free to set the reward ratio with the players. For example, the player may get 70% of the Teras earned by playing the game, while the Arcade Machine owner gets 30%.

An Arcade Machine must be installed in a Game Center before anyone other than the Arcade Machine owner can play. Also, only one person can play at a time in an Arcade Machine. This rule maximizes the opportunity for Arcade Machine owners and Game Center owners to earn Teras.

Arcade Machines can only be acquired via Crafting (combining four Arcade Parts), through purchase in the Marketplace, or by ranking high in the Owner Ranking.

Each Arcade Machine is a unique ERC-721 token, and each Arcade Machine contains a single Game.

An Arcade Machine can be created by combining Arcade Parts with AKIR/AKV or Teras according to a predefined set of Recipes.

You can also Extract or Dismantle an Arcade Machine that is no longer needed to obtain some Arcade Parts.

Arcade Machines for newer titles will tend to have increased value due to smaller supply.

Arcade Machines possess the following parameters:


A number assigned to each game titles that can be played

Game Title

E.g. Star Guardian, Curve Ball 3D, Bubble Attack, etc.


Energy accumulates depending on the amount of Teras that is earned when SPARKed. Arcade Parts can be obtained by consuming Energy to Extract.

Max Energy

The maximum amount of Energy that can be stored. This value depends on the type of Accumulator that was used when Crafted.

Minimum Energy for Extract

The minimum amount of Energy required to Extract. This value depends on the type of Accumulator that was used when Crafted.

Boost Level

Multiplier for energy gained. Default is 1.

Boost Time

Time at which the Boost ends

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