Types of Creators

All users of AKIVERSE are creators. The following is a detailed explanation of each of four creative roles we have implemented.

Game Center Owner (GCO)Arcade Machine Owner (AMO)CrafterGame Player

Game Center Owner (GCO)

From this point forward, imagine yourself as the owner of a Game Center.

Game Center owners can rent out their Game Center space to Arcade Machine owners for a set rent (AKIR/AKV or Teras).

For example, you can earn revenue by renting out the Arcade Machine location for 100 AKIR or equivalent AKV or Teras per hour. The Game Center owner is free to determine the rental rate, inducing a market for this pricing structure.

Arcade Machine Owner (AMO)

Next, imagine yourself as the owner of Arcade Machine.

Since you own an Arcade Machine, you can play the Games on that Arcade Machine. And if you win the game or rank high in the ranking, you will get Teras as prize money.

Also, by renting available space from the Game Center owner and installing an Arcade Machine, players visiting the Game Center will be able to play the Arcade Machine that you have installed.

When a player wins a Game on the Arcade Machine, he or she earns the same Teras. You, as the owner of the Arcade Machine, can also earn a portion of the Teras. You, as the owner of the Arcade Machine, can decide how much of the Teras you want to share, and the market for this share will be formed.

Since there will be many Game Center owners and Arcade Machine owners in the AKIVERSE world, it is necessary to devise ways to successfully attract players.

For example, a Game Center owner could offer a low rental rate for the Arcade Machine space to attract many different types of Arcade Machines, or he could allow only retro Arcade Machines to be installed to produce a unique image or worldview. Or, for example, only allow retro Arcade Machines to be installed and produce a Game Center with its own image and worldview.


Next, imagine yourself as the creator of Arcade Machine.

Crafters can create new Arcade Machines by combining their four Arcade Parts using the Craft mechanism which consumes AKIR/AKV or Teras.

The Crafter must carefully observe the Arcade Machine market to determine which games are in the most demand and which games are the most profitable.

The Arcade Machine generated through this mechanism can be placed in Game Center to generate revenue from game players, or sold in the marketplace to generate revenue.

Game Player

Finally, imagine yourself as a Game Player of Arcade Machine.

Game Players can play Arcade Machine, located in Game Center in AKIVERSE, for free and earn Teras as rewards according to their game scores.

Rankings are constantly announced to the world, allowing Game Players to show off their skills. Game Players from all over the world can compete for scores in the Web3 world.

New game titles will be added each Season as set in AKIVERSE.

However, Game Players can play not only the games listed in Game Center, but can also participate in an in-game event called Lucky Hot Pot, where they can try their hand at a variety of casual games that appear randomly.

Game Players can support the creators of the games by playing them.

Game Center Owner and Arcade Machine Owner can simulate how to manage their assets and enjoy the experience of actually managing the Arcade Machine. Crafterh can enjoy the fun of identifying and creating a new Arcade Machine that is in demand in the market, or purely enjoying the Arcade Machine gameplay as a Game Player.

Thus, AKIVERSE is a project with very unique characteristics, adding multiple gameplay elements to the game platform itself.

To support this unique gaming element and create a sustainable token ecosystem, AKIVERSE introduces three actions - Craft, Extract, and Dismantle - and an Owner Ranking that is scored by performing these actions.

Here are the details of each of these four mechanisms.

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