Core Team

Hiro Mashita Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder
Based in Singapore since 2013, he provides management advice and practical support to about 150 venture companies mainly in India, US, China, Japan, Southeast Asia, and Africa. In 2018, he was selected as one of the 42 people who contributed the most to India's startup ecosystem by Inc42, an internet media in India. Previously, he worked in structured finance at Nomura Securities in New York and at Hikari Tsushin, where he served as NY branch head, CFO, head of business development, head of CVC, and head of internet business. He has also supported a number of cross-border businesses in China, India, US, SE Asia, and Japan. He also likes to contribute to the society via token ecosystem and has invested in market places since 2018 such as OpenSea and Buycoins in Africa. He holds an MBA from Duke University and a BA in Economics from Keio University.
Favorite or most influential computer game titles: Battle Dream / Bubble Shooter / June’s Journey
Yuya Mochizuki Chief Financial Officer and Co-Founder
Yuya graduated from Keio University, Faculty of Policy Management. He then proceeded to achieve higher education and graduated from Hitotsubashi University Graduate School of Commerce and Management (MBA course). He eventually joined Nomura Securities Co., Ltd. in 2009, where he worked in the investment banking division, originating and executing M&A, financing, investor relations, etc., mainly for listed companies. He joined Arii in March 2021, mainly in charge of the administrative division, and established Vict in September 2021.
Favorite or most influential computer game titles: Dragon Quest Series / Street Fighter Series / Mario Kart Series
Tomoko Miya Chief Game Officer and Co-Founder
Tomoko has been engaged in the digital contents and gaming business for 14 years. In Japan, she worked in the overseas business division of OPT and as a director of new business at Pixiv. She then moved her base overseas to work on games at FGL/Tamalaki (US/Dutch), Target Gamer (Dutch), a UA growth hack consultant, and Flamebait Games (Sweden), a game development studio. She has also lived in India and has deep knowledge for fantasy sports and esports in Southeast Asia. So far, she has worked on Japan's largest mobile esports app "Battle Dream" as a product owner, and has managed 10 titles, including a metaverse-based Second Life Sim game with 200 million downloads and 1.4 million DAU. She is also involved in the promotion of crypto RPG games for Asia. And then she is also currently developing a romance simulation game for women, which is scheduled for release in 2022 at her personal studio.
Favorite or most influential computer game titles: Stardew Valley / Animal Crossing / Kirby's Adventure
Ikuma Ueno Chief Strategy Officer
Ikuma is responsible for directing the token listing, offering, marketing, and overall corporate strategy. Incubator and an investor for various GameFi, Web3.0 projects to design and strategize the tokenomics. One of the first people to list the Japanese oriented P2E token to the government regulated exchange. Ikuma has full experience in crypto business since 2018 working as Business Development Manager at Cumberland - a DRW company focused to expand Crypto OTC services specifically in Asia as well as a frontier of NFT GameFi Project that lead Play-to-Earn business to adopt globally. Prior to DRW, Ikuma was a Senior Digital Strategist at Mizuho Financial Group, one of the largest financial conglomerates in Japan, where he was in the planning division to focus on driving FinTech initiatives, especially in the area of blockchain and distributed ledger technology. Ikuma was a primary participant of r3 consortium and resident advisor for the New York tech venture capital RRE Ventures. Ikuma started his career from Mizuho Bank as a SME banker to offer lending and banking services. Later he transferred to Settlement and Clearing Services Division Mizuho Corporate Bank to custody assets such as JGB, equity, SB of largest foreign financial institutions.
Favorite or most influential computer game titles: Counter Strike 1.6 / Final Fantasy X,XIV, IX, VII / Apex Legends
Peter de Blanc Chief Technology Officer
13 years of experience in full-stack software engineering, fintech, AI, and math research. Cofounded Heaven Zero in 2015 and developed state-of-the-art NLP for English and Japanese. Former software engineer at Standard AI; contributed to vision-based autonomous checkout systems. Payments engineering experience at Google Wallet and financial modeling experience at Real Capital Innovation (RCI) Liquidity.
Hibiki Sakuraoka Product Manager
He previously worked as a backend engineer developing (PHP, TypeScript) and operating a video distribution service. He has also a strong interest in front-end development, often using React, and has studied EVM compatible chain development through Uniswap, PancakeSwap, Iron Finance, and Loot NFT, and participates in the Japanese community on blockchain development. He is also developing Ganerative Art NFT on his own.
Favorite or most influential computer game titles: SUPER MARIO WORLD / Chocobo’s Dungeon 2 / Star Wars Battlefront II
Akanksha Jain Art Director
Akanksha Jain is an art director with 8+ years of expertise in design and communication. As a 3D visual designer she works with numerous clients in the technology, art and fashion industry. She has immense love for creating fantastical landscapes and character-design. Her work has been featured in publications like Creative Boom, Homegrown.in and various other digital platforms. Her connection to other 3D artists through various NFT art discord communities inspired her interest in blockchain technology. Most recently her NFT animation was selected to be featured in Paris Hilton’s exhibit at the Sevens Grant Foundation. Independently, Akanksha also guides companies towards Web3 integration and digitisation of brand assets as NFT’s.
Favorite or most influential computer game titles: Journey / Midtown Madness / Vanguard Ace
Taiga Ikeguchi Marketing and Spokesman
Taiga spent his childhood in the U.S. After college, worked at an independent VC firm as a NFT and cryptomarket researcher, and later joined Vict. Personally, after meeting Axie Infinity, he started collecting NFTs and became a member of various Discord groups. He is also a scholarship manager, buyer of various NFTs, and has knowledge and expertise in the market.
Favorite or most influential computer game titles: League of Legends: Wild Rift / Monster Hunter Portable 3rd / Axie Infinity
Monayo Marketing and Community associate
He is known as the operator of the game strategy blog "Monayo's Game Blog," and runs a couple of Twitter accounts that have a total over 100,000+ followers. He started playing Axie Infinity in January 2021, has gravitated towards blockchain games and NFT, and has recently become passionate about playing games provided by Gala Games. Right now, he personally employs over 100 Axie Infinity scholars.
Favorite or most influential computer game titles: Apex Legends / Clash Royale / Call of Duty series


Joshua Wu Executive Tech Advisor
Founding Engineer at OpenSea; Facebook tech lead. In the past, he was the first engineer at OpenSea, where he worked on all parts of the project such as the website, custom smart contracts, blockchain integration, community management, and business development. Prior to OpenSea, he was a foundational developer at Facebook in business partnerships. He graduated from the University of California, Berkeley, where as a student he founded Heaven Zero, a tech research startup. In his free time, Joshua enjoys working on his own software projects, selling his own NFTs, and enjoying Japanese cuisine.
Favorite or most influential computer game titles: League of Legends / Library of Ruina / Animal Crossing
Shohei Nakata Token Economics Advisor
After graduating from university, Shohei worked as a software developer at a domestic manufacturer, and in 2019, he personally developed a secondary distribution market for CryptoSpells which is called “Ether Market”, one of the first domestic blockchain game. He also participated in a crypto exchange project using sidechains as a developer, and worked on it until July 2021. During the same period, he started investing in crypto currencies and crypto projects. He invested mainly in DeFi and GameFi projects, and in 2021, playing Axie Infinity for 2 months, he was able to make a profit of over 160 million yen(approximately 1.4 million USD) as an investor. He has been involved in The Sandbox's Land sale since its early days, and in DeFi, he started with Yum Finance, participated in the launch farming of Sushi Swap, and generated over US$2,000 in profits on Pancake Swap based on his research. He has invested in DeFi on various chains including Ethereum, BSC, Matic, Solana, Harmony, PolkaDot and Arbitrum. In September 2021, he joined Vict as a Token Economics Advisor and is utilizing his knowledge he gained from analyzing various GameFi projects.
Favorite or most influential computer game titles: BIKE RIDER / Legend of Mana / Dragon Quest Monsters (Dragon Warrior Monsters)
Kazutaka Mori Legal Advisor
Head Fintech & Blockchain team of ONE ASIA LAWYERS, Lawyer Since 2016, he has been involved in a number of blockchain and crypto-asset projects as an advisor and angel investor. He has 18 offices around the world and has spoken and written extensively on fintech and blockchain. Advisor to BCCC (Blockchain Collaborative Consortium / Japan), Visiting Professor at Kobe University