AKIVERSE Governance (AKV) Token

AKIVERSE Governance (AKV) is an ERC-20 token used as a governance token in AKIVERSE.

AKV holders will be rewarded for their contributions to the platform and community, and will be eligible for staking bonuses, LP Farming bonuses, and participation in AKIVERSE's primary governance vote.

Stake holders who have a predetermined quantity or more will receive an AirDrop, such as Arcade Machine, and will have early access to the service before it officially launches.

In addition to the above uses, AKVs are also needed for Craft, and can rarely be obtained by achieving a high ranking in the game.

AKV will be made available to the market gradually from the start of the Staking Bonus and the LP Farming Bonus.

The AKV allocations will be as follows

AKV plans to gradually increase its supply after carefully simulating the market, as well as the price. As mentioned above, the longer and larger the holding period and the larger the volume, the more benefits will inevitably accrue.

Please note that AKVs distributed to Teams and Advisors will be 100% locked up for 330 days from the initial CEX listing, and 4% of the distribution volume will be released every month thereafter.

The AKVs distributed to investors participating in the Seeds & Private Sale are also subject to a lock-up. Details are described in Seeds & Private.

The AKV contract can also be found on PolygonScan here.

AKV also plans to offer a loyalty program to holders based on the volume of their holdings. The following benefits are contemplated and not guaranteed.

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