Game Center (GC)

The Game Center is a space that hosts arcade machines for players to play games. Each Game Center is a unique ERC-721 token, equivalent to LAND in other games.

You can buy Game Centers on presale or in the marketplace.

There are three sizes available: large, medium, and small, with the number of Arcade Machines that can be installed depending on the size. Larger Game Centers allow you to install more Arcade Machines, which may make it easier to maximize the rewards that can be earned.

Each size has its own default price. The larger the size of the Game Center, the smaller the supply, but the degree of its premium may vary depending on its location on the map, and the price trend in the marketplace does not necessarily mean that a larger Game Center will be priced higher.

You can rent out the installation space to a third party and earn a rental fee based on the lease duration. Therefore, it is not necessarily the case that Game Center owner = Arcade Machine owner; there are opportunities to earn revenue even if you own only one of the two.

Game Centers possess the following additional parameters:


4 or 16 or 64

X Coordinates

Left-to-Right coordinates 1, 100, etc.

Y Coordinates

Top-to-Bottom coordinates 1, 100, etc.

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