AKIVERSE Ecosystem

The AKIVERSE is a virtual world where you can build, own, and monetize entirely new gaming experiences on Polygon, a Layer 2 solution for Ethereum, via AKIR, a utility token, and AKV, a governance token.
You can find your favorite game and play it for free anytime, anywhere with just one smartphone. You earn AKIR by winning and AKV when you reach the top of the rankings.
You can also own and operate a Game Center where players actually visit and play. Game Center owners can attract players by crafting and installing Arcade Machines that have games inside them. The more players play, the more AKIR you earn.
Games to be incorporated into Arcade Machines are mobile game titles that anyone with a smartphone and an Internet connection can play easily and enthusiastically anytime, anywhere. In addition, leading game developers who participate in this platform will develop and publish their games using the SDKs and APIs we provide. Therefore, the platform will consist of only high quality, popular, or classic game titles.
We are building a "play-and-earn" world where games that are not just "play-to-earn" (where the main game is boring or difficult and people play games just to earn money) but are actually interesting and fun and can be played enthusiastically are introduced one after another to help all stakeholders achieve self-fulfillment.