Game Play Flow

Game Center owners can rent out their Game Center space to Arcade Machine owners. For example, you can generate revenue by renting out the location of the Arcade Machine for 100 AKIR per hour. The owner of the Game Center is free to decide the rental fee.
If you own an Arcade Machine, you can play the games on it. Depending on your gaming success, you will be able to earn AKIR as prize money. You may also rent space in a Game Center for your Arcade Machine so that visitors can play on it as well. When a player earns AKIR through your Arcade Machine, you also earn a portion. As the owner of the Arcade Machine, you can adjust the revenue sharing percentage.
In the AKIVERSE world, there are many Game Center owners and Arcade Machine owners, so it is necessary to devise ways to attract players.
For example, Game Center owners can develop their own brand by allowing only retro Arcade Machines to be installed.
While the players of Arcade Machine games can enjoy or be enthusiastic about playing the games, the owners of Game Center and Arcade Machine can simulate how to manage their assets and actually operate them. They can also simulate how to manage their assets and actually run them.
3 Types of players
In this way, AKIVERSE is a GameFi project with very unique features, adding multiple gaming elements to the gaming platform itself.
Underpinning this unique element of gaming is the crafting system which can be done by the owner of an Arcade Machine.