Competitive Advantages

User entry barrier issues

As mentioned above, Axie Infinity has been expanding its economic sphere at a breakneck pace, especially in developing countries in Southeast Asia and Central and South America especially since the start of the scholarship program. The scholarship program lowered the barrier to entry, making it no longer mandatory to purchase the Axies as initial investment. In the Philippines in particular, SLP, which is the utility token that can be obtained from playing Axie Infinity, have begun to be accepted as payments at real stores, and the economic sphere is beginning to expand not only online but also offline, not only in games but also in everyday life. The latest report from October 2021 reveals that the DAU has surpassed 2 million (*1). This figure is very large for a blockchain-related service, NFT game. However casual games for smartphones provided by VooDoo in France has over 300 million MAUs (*11). Even if the MAU is roughly twice the size of the DAU, the size of the user is only about 1.3%. This is because playing Axie Infinity requires the preparation and connection of a wallet, registering an account, purchasing the Axies are required to enjoy the entire game. Therefore, overcoming the knowledge and financial barriers is a must, if you want to play. In addition, the system of the game and the rules are rather complex, UI/UX is not optimized for the players and investors, and the game is only available in English so it is making it harder to grow in non-English speaking countries.
In contrast, AKIVERSE will not require a wallet or initial investment to start playing the game, and provide optimized UI/UX for both the players and the investors. Anyone with a smartphone and an Internet connection will be able to enjoy the game anytime, anywhere, with ease.
(*11) ref VooDoo Blog

Game quality issues

With a user-generated content (UGC) model, The Sandbox has a system that allows users to create their own games. Anyone can participate as a game creator, but the quality of the games are not necessarily all high quality, interesting, or have a pleasant UI/UX. Also, with everyone creating the games, it can be difficult to quickly find the game you are looking for.
In contrast, in the AKIVERSE, people will be able to own and play the games we proudly offer by crafting an Arcade Machine that contains a specific game. Just as a real-world arcade owner would be able to order, be delivered, and configure a game from a gaming company for customers to play in his store.
While The Sandbox mass-produces content (like YouTube), AKIVERSE will provide only high-quality content in an attractive way (like Netflix).

Token Economics Issues

As for Axie Infinity, the floor price of its NFTs has fallen significantly from its peak due to the large number of new NFTs minted in proportion to the expansion of the user base. In addition, there is currently no other way for funds to flow into the site other than through the purchase of these items. Regardless of whether they are NFTs or FTs,if that flow stops, users will not be able to generate revenue. Another issue is the lack of uniformity in distributing the tokens in The Sandbox.
On the other hand, AKIVERSE is preparing multiple mechanisms to burn the oversupply of NFT tokens, and will also prepare an advertising space in the virtual world, and use the revenue from the advertisement to give back to users or to buy back AKIR from the market.
In addition, AKIVERSE will offer a scholarship system from the start of the service, allowing anyone to play the game as a player.
Therefore, AKIVERSE will take a completely different approach to the Web 3.0 world of blockchain and NFT gaming, which is still perceived as an insurmountable chasm, even though it is rapidly expanding. It will provide a gaming experience that can be easily accessed by anyone, without the need for specialized knowledge, just like the smartphone games that are spreading around the world.